Dream, vision: become the most influential platform of the commercial television production industry in Asia.

Core philosophy:

Customer first, for customers to create greater value and extreme experience, thus create better returns for shareholders and employees and platforms.

Our customers first--no customers will not, only to find their clients's loveliness, at the same time amplification of loveliness.More professional, more timely solve problems, only to leave live every customer, when he had the first time when you think of red horse, the thought of demand.

Values: integrity, responsibility, adhere, vision.

Trustworthiness--honest, stringency, act as one!

Responsibility--the courage to admit mistakes and dare to take responsibility, to be results-oriented!

Adhere to the content--focus on high quality Omnicorp customization services, continuous learning, self-improvement, excellence!

Vision--to do more business, make money for us is just the result of management, not business goals!

Enterprise talent, team: we are committed to build a platform, through more scientific assessment, promotion system to attract more talents to join our team.Let every employee to give full play to their creativity and share enterprise income, realize personal value.We hope that the staff can have entrepreneurial spirit, willing to continue to strive for their own career, full of passion, and eventually become the leading type talents can be the whole locality.



Strict control cost-in enterprise operation, strictly control the cost, but we can't sacrifice in order to control the cost of the product quality of customer service quality and delivery.Control cost is for profit to customers, and create greater value for the company.

Attention to detail, attention to detail, attention to detail in specific work is better for better control costs, improve efficiency and experience for customers to provide better service and better quality of the works.


Slogan: the red horse, have a future!

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